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Stillhouse Redemption 5/3/23

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Couldn't give up on Stillhouse because of one bad day. Decent wind forecast also. Got there late with first cast at around 11:20. Caught the first picture fish in my third cast with the 2.8 Keitech. She was 3-6. That made me feel better about the lake. Caught a couple more on a point. They were slamming the bait. Kept covering water and found a large area of patchy hydrilla that held fish. Second picture fish from there, 3-5. I think I had 11 by 1:00 lunch. Awesome morning of fishing. After lunch not so good. I caught one more between lunch and 3:38. I didn't get spun out, just kept rotating the same lures I have confidence in. I was thinking of what has been good in May for me and remembered the Phish Stick. Pulled it out, rigged on a 2/0 Owner mosquito hook and caught a fish right away. I looked at the time and it was 3:38. I soon caught another and kept it in my hand the rest of the day. They were attacking that thing. A couple ate it as soon as it hit the water on the cast. I'm really glad that I had the barb pinched down because three of the fish had it deep but easy to get out with no barb. I took the last picture because the fish was so pretty. Didn't weigh her. Called last cast at 5:10. Clicked 21 for the day. Caught nine on the Phish Stick. Water was 70º-71º. Stained in some areas because of the wind. The wind was a little more than the forecast as usual, gusting to 16 at one point.
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I was out there yesterday also. Fished 11(ish) to 6:30. Caught about 30 with over half being keepers. A 6.02 sucked in my tube jig on 8lb line about 5 o'clock. Next cast was a 4. We would have had a great 5 fish tournament bag.
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