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I was happy to accept Paul’s offer of the back seat in the new to him Ranger he bought a couple days ago. We launched from Union Grove while a small derby blasted off. Sea trials were not necessary, the turn key Ranger is ready to fish. Paul let me pick the heading. I said uplake.

We rounded the first swing and Paul suggested we fish a minor cove near the intake. He dropped the troller and cast out a topwater. I cast spinnerbait out and reeled it back, tipping the tops of the hydrilla. On my third cast, a nice two pounder smashed the spinnerbait. As we went up the bank got steeper with no grass. The lake level is very high, the water is very clear, and the bass were very wily. We ran across to a grass flat. Paul missed the first blowup, then caught a short fish on whopper plopper. Then he stowed the troller and we ran uplake.

We went pretty far up. The water turned muddy with some flotsam. We could not get bit, so we did a 180° and started fishing back. We found another grass flat. Paul caught a fun fish on a fluke out of the hydrilla. We finished up the morning near Union Grove. We hauled water while a nearby boat netted a good’un. We recovered alongside the derby. Several anglers were returning fish to the water after weighing, evidence that the fish were biting somewhere. Beautiful day on a beautiful lake. Thanks for the fishing trip Paul! Off at 11 am.
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