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We launched langlowe9's boat right before first light. We settled on the first grass we saw. We worked this flat for the next several hours. I missed a couple blow-ups on the spook junior, but langlowe9 was getting solid hook-ups on Jackhammer.

After sunrise, we switched to senko and doubled up. We worked visible hydrilla edges with senkos and caught good numbers of two pounders. Senko colors were watermelon/black flake and green pumpkin/black flake.

We moved to some deeper grass in twelve FOW. langlowe9 had a couple bites on drop-shot. I boated fish with DT6 and TR worm.

We ran uplake and found a couple steep tight pockets with bass biting within inches of the bank. We moved across to a shallow flat for more senko fish and a surprise. langlowe9 set down the senko rod and bombed the Jackhammer out into the main channel. Reeling back, langlowe9's rod doubled over and the drag was singing. I was immediately doubtful that he had a bass. Turned out to be a nearly four pound 'goo.

We ran back to where we started. langlowe9 caught a nice bass on top of the hydrilla with senko and I got a good'un with the ribbontail. A couple more senko fish and we headed in. Super nice day on a super nice lake.

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