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Fished Mr. and Mrs. Bass Club of Austin club tourney on Stillhouse with my wife Lesli. Launched out of Rivers Bend, and in another hour the wind started howling out of the NW gusting up to 35Mph, it was brutal to say the least.

Tried to stay out of the wind as much as possible, but there was no protection anywhere we went.

We still managed to catch fish and ended up 3rd in our club tourney with 14.4lbs. Lesli caught her personal best, a 6.6lb toad full of eggs.
We caught a lot of fish, most were only 1.5 to 2lbers.

All fish were caught on Carolina Rigged and Texas Rigged creature baits from Nichols Lures.

I heard it took 35lbs to win the Centex Open (Feb 22) had two 9lbers. Weather was a bit nicer though. ;-)

See below for a pic...the 6lber looks like a toad compared to the smaller fish. ;-)

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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