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Fished in the Texas Bass Couples T Saturday. 13 boats of which 3 had limits and 6 zero'd. 2 of those zero's were by some good fishermen. It was tough. We caught a few dinks and had two keepers fishing laydowns near deeper water. The winners (20.71 and a BB of 7.61) caught theirs off a point sitting in about 40 ft of water throwing into 12-15 ft CR a 10" Power Worm, believe it was Wat/Red I saw on their rod. I am not an offshore fisherman at all!! Huge weakness for me.
Others caught theirs on Baby Brush Hogs wat/red as well and one couple believes in the blue fleck power worm. They came in 2nd too.
That's all I can contribute there. I am liking Stillhouse more and more each time I go. Only my third time but more trips coming.
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