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Wanted to fish Bastrop but Wifey said I wanna go to StillHouse ::). Good thing since I've heard the tourney was tough today ;D. Launched the boat at 7:00am warmed the motor up then killed it. Fish were schooling in front of Union Grove fast and furious :eek:. I'd say both us caught somewhere between 50-60 fish between the two with one nice white bass. No real size biggest was prob around 15in. Left to fish main lake with no luck left fish to find fish. Went back around 10:30 but school had let out for the day. Ended up picking up two 14in tail pinchers around the banks in 14ft TxRigged Plastics. Left around 11:30 to get Steaks at Johnny's...All schoolies were caught on launcher,spoon setup for all non believers at Bastrop today ;)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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