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Stillhouse 5/8/23

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Looking at this week's forecast decided I should go today. Planned to stay close and go to Georgetown but the forecast for the Stillhouse area had less chance of rain/storms. First cast at 10:24. I planned to use the hand poured Phish Stick as my main bait. Caught first fish right away, then another. Was glad they were willing to hit it and gave me confidence in my plan. Kept that in my hand and caught fish wherever I went. Had 13 by lunch at around 1:00. It is not magic though, I watched two really nice fish just escort it out of their space without hitting it. On the other hand I had the great pleasure of watching four fish come up and eat it. There was the usual afternoon slow down and I switched to the StreakZ and caught a few. Went back to throwing the Stick later and they were back on it. Clicked 24 by last cast around 4:20. One huge catfish is included on that count. It was right up on the bank. Water was 74º-75º. A hand full of boats were there but they were not fishing where I was. I think a wave of fish moved up on this recent full moon but not in the numbers of the last one.
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I am very impressed with the results you‘re getting from these styles of lures. Not easy to do for me but you‘ve mastered these techniques. I haven’t seen you ever post up some scarred up mutant fish, you only catch the pretty ones, huh? Except for the occasional cat and your hard pulling friends.
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Thanks Jeremy, I've caught a few really beat up ones this spring, just don't take their photo.;)
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