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Got a call from my buddy Eric last night that fishes TCBC with me to go out Sunday morning at Stillhouse. I Said yes before he finished asking and started getting my gear together. We met up right after the rain at HEB in Georgetown and got to Union Grove at 7am.

Weather: Felt about 10 degrees cooler than Sat. Morning and was finishing up raining with lightning towards hutto in the distance.
Winds from 5-20mph later morning.

Water conditionsWater temp from 68-71 degrees. clear down river to 10-15 feet at times, up river was a mess, very murky with 15ft logs and other crap floating throughout the water.

Fished from 7:15 at first cast to 11:30 off the water by noon. Bight was slow and inconsistant for the most part. Caught a 2+ pounder on a Zara spook over a tree top in 30 FOW within first five casts. He killed it both trebbles drilled deep. Nice little chunk to start off the day. Fished busted every break in the clouds on top but could not get another bite. Eric fished a senko but fish weren't feeling us. :-/

We moved to a structure of rocks in about 20 Fow and nothing. Throwing Jigs, brush hogs TX rig, and C rig. So we moved to a main lake point and ran up on a shallow flat 3-9 FOW. Picked up 4-5 dinks on watermelon senko TX rig and Spot Removerwith a Gtail Watermelon Worm. One fish maybe made 14 inches so we moved on to the next spot.

Ended up in a little cove where you could see the structure go from sandy bottom to rocks and picked up a few more. I managed another 2+ pounder on a TX rig G tail in  2 FOW right on the transfer.

Pretty slow and short day. Both of us had some things to do today but needed to get a line wet to hold us over until the club T next week. Only manage 3 keeps on 9 fish but it was fun. Thanks again Eric for letting me tag along. :)

Unrelated my 10yr old brother hit a walk off homerun today to send his 11&under select baseball team to the Championship game. In the First extra inning he sent one over the center field wall first pitch as home team to win it. This is the proudest moment I can remember in my life. What a BEAST. :eek:

Fish ON
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