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Todd and I were among the first wave of boaters to launch right before safe light at Union Grove. Sweaty try-hards with coffee and rain-gear, that’s us. I didn’t even look at the Fake Radar. We are weekend anglers and we fish the conditions. And the only condition in our world is the weekend.

Todd motored over to a park shoreline and dropped the troller. He grabbed up a vibrating-jig and I selected topwater. I cast the Super Spook Junior out over a drop-off and walked it back. Half way back the water erupted in spray and froth as an absolute giant blew up and MISSED! Ouch!

A couple seconds later, Todd’s Jackhammer was inhaled and he reeled a sturdy three pounder to the boat. It was a good start.

Out towards the main lake beyond the drop-off, schooling bass were busting bait on top. This distracted us from the bank and we played whack-a-mole for the next half-hour. I got a couple on the SSJr and Todd caught several with a swim bait. The rain stopped and the wind started blowing and the feeding frenzy came to an abrupt halt.

We made the rounds mid lake and got bites here and there, mainly on TR creature. Where we could, we threw weightless senkos which caught some cutie-pies. Todd was still routinely catching with a 3.3 swim bait, but the bass shunned my swimbait like it had the ‘rona. Doh!

We searched around for hydrilla, and found small patches here and there in the crystal clear mid lake water. We moved up lake looking for murkier water but only saw gar. We ran back to Union Grove and Todd did a good job of boosting my pucker factor by keeping the hammer down through the main lake rollers and refusing to back off as he ran the troughs. What a blast. And the weekend ain’t even close to being over.
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