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Stillhouse 5/15/23

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Closely watched the weather forecast and fake radar and decided to go to Stillhouse which showed clear of rain/storms until after 3:00. A lot of others had the same idea as there were many trailers in the parking area. First cast at around 10:20 and got bit not long after, then another right away. As many times before I thought here we go…but it was a long time until the next fish. Only had three fish by lunch at 12:40. Kept trying the senko, drop shot, and little jerk bait and finally got bit on the jerk bait so kept that going and started catching. Saw a decent fish (last photo) and picked up the senko and watched her eat it. Caught the last three on the senko. Started hearing thunder so called last cast at 3:40 and headed to the ramp. Clicked 14 for the day. Only two other boats were still there and we were all loading up. Got done before the rain started. On another note this was trip #46 for this year. Trip #46 last year was Sept. 27th.
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We did not believe the weather report from yesterday. Today's looked better so we got there at 7(ish) Caught a few fish until I realized I forgot to gas up the boat (dummy). Left at 1. looks like it was a good day for you.
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