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Planned to fish the past two days. Went to Belton on the sunny day and saved the cloudy day for Stillhouse. Looks like that's it for me this week. Humminbird time was 10:22 at first cast. Caught a nice chunk on that cast. 5" wacky senko. I don't believe in the first cast catch bad luck theory. Fished the senko for a while and picked up the 2.8 Keitech since that has been working there. Started catching right away and didn't throw anything else for a long time. I think I had 12 by 12:35 lunch time. Had a bit of a slow spell after lunch but it didn't last long. Caught some decent fish in areas where they spawn every year and they are there now. Had some grabs on the 2.8 and followed up with the senko and caught a nice one but went back to the 2.8 and they were still eating it. Shallow grass was the ticket for me today. They bit all afternoon and I left them biting with last cast at 4:44. I was fishing in some pretty rough water sometimes but spot lock made it possible. Clicked 33, two on the 5" senko and the rest on the 2.8 Keitech on my 3/16 oz. grass head. Water was 60º-64º.
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