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Looked at the weather and thought I should go today. Decided on Stillhouse to challenge myself to catch a fish. When I got to 195 the fog was so thick that I went back home for a fog delay. So got an extra late start with first cast around 10:55. Cool and overcast then.Tried a few baits and areas for not a single bite. Considered putting it on the trailer and heading to Belton but stayed. Caught my first fish on the first cast of a Super Fluke Jr. at 12:30. Caught another shortly after that. So I thought here we go…but no, didn’t catch another fish on that. I fished a long stretch of the outside grass line for not a single sniff. This area has always held fish in the past. Went through a break in the grass line so I went through to check out the inside line. Right away saw a really nice bass dart away. Saw another soon. Saw several drum and a pair of catfish on the inside. So all these fish are on the inside but the water is so clear I didn’t have a chance to catch one. Moved up to some shallow coves but didn’t catch another. Late in the day I went to the last stretch and caught one right away on a 3.3 Longhorn Swim. Threw that a while for nothing more. Switched to the 2.8 no paddle and caught a drum that was 7-8 lbs. Super hard pull. Caught four more on the 2.8. Clicked 8 for the day. Quit at 3:55. Those grass heads worked so well again. Water was 70º.
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