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Looked at the forecast and saw all that north wind for Thursday and Friday so decided to go two days in a row. Looking back a my fishing log spreadsheet I hadn't been to Stillhouse since May 25th when I had my second worst trip of the year catching only one fish. Looking back to prior years I've never had a good trip to Stillhouse in the fall. On 11/5/20 I fished all day for two fish. I was the one and only trailer in the parking lot. Wind was blowing when I got there..whitecaps when I was crossing the lake. Caught a dink on a senko right away, then two good fish on the bluegill swim bait. I've heard pros on TV say one's a fluke, two's a pattern...but no...didn't catch another fish on the swim. I fished all the recent baits from Belton with no success. I concluded that clearer water and weeds were a big difference. The wind made presentation hard. I thought back to when I fished with my son on a tough day and caught a few on the neko, so rigged up a 5" senko with a weedless neko hook and the smallest tungsten nail weight I had. A few casts later I hooked into a hard puller that came off. Another few casts in the same area and I landed a really nice fish. This was close to noon and only had those four by lunch at 12:15. Kept that bait in my hand and caught six more quality hard pulling fish. A couple times I was sure they were drum. The fish all came from 12-15 FOW. So clicked 10 by the time I quit at 2:40. I called it a very successful day because I actually figured something out and caught nine quality fish and had two more hard pullers that came off. When I was filling out my fishing log I saw that the wind had gusted to 33 mph...a bit more than the 20 mph forecast. Again looking back at my trips this year it was the most wind I fished in. Water was 68º. Included a screen shot of the log I keep on Google Sheets.
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