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Wanted a change of scenery and also thought the lake would fish better in the wind. This was one of the rare times the wind was less than the forecast. Max was 12 mph while I was there. Tons of boats..assuming I was fishing used water all day. Enough with the excuses. First cast at 9:45. Rotated through my confidence baits for no bites. Around noon caught a small fish on a neko rig, then a huge drum shortly after. Fished that for a very long time for no bites so fished other stuff for no bites. Around 2:45 told myself you've only caught fish on one thing so picked the neko up and caught one right away. Cleared the deck of all the rods except the neko. I fished a while for no more bites so put a wacky senko on the same hook and caught the fish in the last photo on the first cast with it. Shortly after that I had a big fish hooked for a few seconds before pulling off. I don't think this one was a drum because the lure was not near the bottom. Fished the senko for no more bites. Clicked 4 by the time I gave up at around 4:00. There were boats launching when I left and the parking area was still had lots of trailers. One of the boats was a family with little kids and a big tube on the back. I think they might have been new to boating. Water was very clear and about 58º.
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