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Hey guys I am here to talk about a product that I recently found and have become a dealer of. I am very excited about this product and want to get it out there for you guys to use.

I am talking about Stay-N-Charge. It is a good solid product that started with a great idea and is in my opinion a must have for fisherman everywhere. It works very simply by switching the charge from your outboard generator that normally charges the cranking battery to your trolling battery or batteries. It can be used with a 12V, 24V, or 36V system. With a timer circuit in the system it cycles the charge from one battery to the next every 2 min. This is to reduce the heat buildup during the charge. The system monitors the cranking battery and makes sure that it is at 13 vdc or higher before it switches the charge to the trolling batteries. If the voltage drops below 13, the system stops charging the trolling batteries.

I have installed this system in a boat myself and it is very easy to do. I am using the boat to test the system and see how it preforms. So far it is great. The boat doesn't need to be plugged in when we store it because the batteries are fully charged when we get to the storage place. That is because we also installed the Tow-N-Charge system so that the Stay-N-Charge gets its charging from the Truck generator while we are on the road to or from the lake.

If your interested in this product send me a message or give me a call 512 508-3080 and I will be happy to answer any questions you have. I also have systems that I can show you. I also will be happy to show you the system I installed in the test boat.

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