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I am not real big on trailer hooks because I am usually throwing the Mini-Me in heavy cover where a trailer hook adds to the "getting hung up" factor.
I normally will only use a trailer hook when when I am fishing open water where there is little chance of getting hung up and the fish are "short-striking" me.
With that said, I have, on occasion, used a trailer in heavy cover if I am getting "short-strikes.
When I do this, I will secure the trailer hook with a small piece of surgical tubing by placing the tubing over the eye of the hook and then running the Mini-Me hook thru the tubing.
This tends to keep the trailer hook a little more "rigidly" secure behind the Mini-Me hook rather than having it flopping around loosely behind the main hook.
I also use a trailer hook with some "Crystal Flash" tied to it like our Spinnerbait Stinger ...

Hope this helps a little !

Bill @ S.O.B.
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