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South Austin Bass Club

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Does anyone know if this club is still operating? I'll reach out on Facebook to, but thought I'd drop a line here in addition. @hankgun is the one that posted info about it back in 2018.

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South Austin Bass Club is still going strong. Not much has changed since my post of 2018

Here is the skinny:
  • We meet at Beto's Restaurant on Wm Cannon & Manchaca at 7pm the first Monday of each month (unless its a holiday)
  • We're a small group of guys who fish 1 tournament a month (with one of those per year being a 2day). $25 per angler per tournament (includes big bass)
  • We are NOT affiliated with B.A.S.S. or any other organizations so there are no additional membership fees. $25 per year...dues
  • We are NOT a draw club. You may pick your partner and align with any boating/non-boating club member you choose.
  • We allow 2 guest tournaments per year. Must join to fish a 3rd - Guests MUST fish with a member who has paid their annual dues.
  • Meetings consist of old/new business and we vote on Lake/Ramp/Time for the tournament that month. Tournaments are the last Sunday of the month. (except the 2day)
  • We fish the same lake no more than 3x per calendar yr
  • There are no points given or taken for attending meetings, they are purely optional, but highly encouraged if you want a voting say on where we fish.
  • Individual standings are tracked for the year - cumulative pts. We have a buy-in option
  • A team weighs its best 10 fish (for money) - 5 fish limit per angler. In the summer we sometimes limit to 3 fish per angler
  • We award: AoY, Big Bass for the Yr, Big Stringer for the Yr
  • Big bass must be over 5lbs and you MUST be a member to win.
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@hankgun , I appreciate the update very much. Wanted to make sure I wasn't barking up a dead tree as it looked like the Facebook page went dormant around March, 2020. Let me see what I got going on, but maybe me and maybe my son might see you guys at Betos at some point.
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