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I've mostly enjoyed this forum for the past 11 years, despite the overwhelming misogyny and bullying. In my early days, I posted and interacted quite a bit. Not so much in the past several years for reasons, but I always read the weekly reports. I've seen folks slowly drop off and I attribute it to the fact that Lake Austin's been wrecked and Ladybird just doesn't turn out the fish they used to. We've fished every lake in the Central Texas area for a dozen years on a regular basis, always C&R, and had some really nice bass. But it's not the fishing mecca it used to be by any means.

The spousal unit, CD, is retiring and we're moving to North Texas, specifically the Winnsboro area. This puts us in an area surrounded by the great fishing lakes still left in TX. While I slave away at a corporate position :) (remote work), Hubbs is going to learn the lakes in the area and he hopes to open a guide service business. The future is bright!

I just wanted to say I do appreciate what ABF has given us over a dozen years. We met some real nice people and some real unforgettable characters. We wish all the past and current members here tight lines and cold beers!


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