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Trip Report​
Date: Monday September 21, 2009
Time: 07:25 PM US/Central

Location: Lake Austin
Started within 56.00 feet of:
Latitude: 30.349
Longitude: -97.7982

Water Conditions: 82.6 degrees F
Air Temperature: 92.0° F
General Weather:
* Fair
* Barometric Pressure: 29.82"
* Humidity: 43%
* Visibility: 10.00 miles
* Last Updated on Sep 21 2009, 6:51 pm CDT
* Camp Mabry / Austin City, TX
* NOAA's National Weather Service
* Station Id: KATT
* 2.61633 miles from location
Wind Speed: South at 9.2 MPH (8 KT)
Lunar Phase: Waxing Crescent @ 2.2 days (Visible)

Trip Notes: Fished two sets of lights for a too long... Completely skunked tonight. Might have got one or two strikes, that's how bad it was... Not sure what was wrong.

Any lure that touched rhe bottom brought up plant matter. A lot of plant matter floating in large clumps too. Fished south of Emma Long, north of 360 bridge the whole time. Decide to leave as lightning in the north got closer. Posting this sad, but hopefully educational report from the boat ramp.

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Since I won't be fishing the last two Wed nighters, (boat repairs) and people tend to forget what they read over time, I'll divulge some of what I've been doing since the end of June when I started fishing LA with reasonable success.
1) I stick to spots on the lake that produce keepers not shorts on a regular basis. In theory, year class fish hang together until they no longer feel threatend and begin to disperse seeking their own territory and food paths. I generally use 12 inches as the rule of thumb.
2) Forage of the season, I normally don't start throwing shad immitations until Fall kicks in, just me I'm sure, because I have seen results on swimbaits,cranks and flukes this Summer. I have a very analytical mind so each week as a result of Wed night, I've come to the conclusion that the shad induced bites are fewer than senko, worm or craw bites.
3) Due to the length of time I've had to learn and fish LA, the water flows since June pretty much dictated where I fish on the lake. I know there are benefits to fishing currents, I haven't had enough time to develop where, how and when yet. Consequently I stay down the lake more where the current is less and doesn't affect my presentation.
4) The lights, I have to admit it's infuriating to see 5-7lb fish sit on them and not be able to get them to bite, tried one night for 2 hrs and zeroed. Something I intend to work on before next year rolls around.
5) I fun fish almost as though I'm in a tournement, I'm keying in on "like spots", find one that fishes well and start hitting others with the same conditions. Basic and simple

The one thing about this Summer that kept me from really tearing it up was the fact that the fish weren't where they were suppose to be. I say this yet the fish I caught were but not in the way we generally expect in a Summer pattern. Deepest fish I caught was in 22-24ft, not one top water fish (which baffles me), very few fish in cattails, some weed lines that were dead zones unbelievably.
Bear in mind I have no idea where any brushpiles are on the lake, I caught two fish since June on Wed nights on docks, not that I don't like to fish them just not enough time to invest unless I'm fun fishing. Probably the last thing of note, is variations of the same bait. I didn't get tunnel vision or lock myself into one color of a bait. Caught fish on 4 different colors of senkos, 8 different trailer colors, 3 different DS colors. I let the fish dictate, several nights it wasn't unusual to go through a bag and a half of a bait but their were nights when trial and error paid dividends. Throughout the Summer I maintained the philosophy that five fish was the goal, I don't swing for the fence in other words, LA isn't Amistad, Falcon or Choke. Consistency was my goal weekly, maybe the lake itself made that a viable one and next year that may not be the mind set or goal I have, how the lake fishes and yields will determine that and I will have had more time to learn LA.
Hope this helps, good luck

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Fished a club bass tournament on Monday, 21st...and now belong to the GET YOUR BUT SKUNKED ON LAKE AUSTIN CLUB!

The water was off color to dark on lower end with winds blowing to 20+mph. Mid-lake to upper end was much clearer...

Oh working on Monday! LOL

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Sorry to hear about the boat problems and that you won't be making it out to the last two.

Thanks for the heads up though so we can leave the measuring board at home and not worry about bringing it back to weigh-in!

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I have had a number of skunked days out there.  A buddy brought a toy skunk one time and ever since we trade that skunk back and forth.  

Had lots of 1 or 2 fish days as well.  For me, one fish per hour is a pretty good catch rate on Lake Austin.

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Thanks for the post als and great info Flatiron. I have been skunked on LA on several trips. I would guess probably 1 out of every 10. And a lot of times all you catch is one dink :mad: But I also have caught a lot of nice bass out of there.
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