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Trying to help you sell these...nice little reels, IMO...

Shimano Curado CU-100B

The Shimano(r) Curado(r) 100 baitcasting reel showcases tight tolerances and durability with a 1-piece aluminum frame. It offers outstanding castability by combining the Shimano Variable Brake System with an aluminum spool. Shimano also continues with its Variable Brake System (VBS), using centrifugal brake weights instead of a magnetic system to aid in casting control and increased casting distance.

FeaturesModel number: CU-100B
Variable Braking System allows you to set up the brake weights so you control the amount of resistance applied to the spool during a cast
1-piece aluminum frame
Aluminum spool
Right-handed model
Line capacity: 165-yds of 8-lb test; 140-yds of 10-lb test; 120-lbs of 12-lb test
6.2:1 gear ratio
4 ball bearings
1 Super Stopper roller bearing
Weight: 8.1 oz

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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