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ABF would like to welcome Sea Tow to the family. *Captain Mike Kern is the new owner of Sea Tow central Texas and has some great deals for ABF members.

To me this is cheap insurance, basically $170 bucks a year or $14 bucks a month covers your rear end if you get in a bind. *Coverage can also extend to your trailer. So no more worry of a blow out and being stuck on the side of the road. *Which if you have ever left your rig on the side of the road to go get parts, you know what kind of sick feeling it is.

Sea Tow is a call away!

Captain Mike: Prior SWAT Police Officer in Texas City, TX; Prior Harbor tug captain (Houston/Galveston/Freeport/Corpus ship channel); I hold a 100 ton master USCG license with towing endorsement; Insured/Bonded/Drug tested.
Gold Card: $169/year, no tax, National Coverage (Sea Tow reimburses you)
· * * * * Free Unlimited Towing
· * * * * Free Jump Starts
· * * * * Free Fuel Transfer (customer pays for gallons of gas brought)
· * * * * Free Prop Disentanglements
· * * * * Free Anchor Assist (customer may have to pay diver fee if ones needed)
· * * * * Free Covered Groundings (15 minutes of actual pull time)
· * * * * Free Navigation Assistance
· * * * * Advantage Network (local & national discounts on food, fuel, parts, service, hotels, etc.)
· * * * * Priority Service over Non-Members (we come to you first)
· * * * * Fishing Reports
· * * * * Discount on Recovery (salvage) (sunken boats, beached boats, etc.)

Lake Card: $119/year, no tax
· * * * * All the same benefits as the Gold Card, but only on one specific body of water.
· * * * * Lake Travis & Lake Austin would be considered two different bodies of water.

Trailer Care:
· * * * * $10/year for Trailer Care Marine (covers your boat trailer)
· * * * * $29/year for Trailer Care Universal (covers any recreational trailer you own)

Non Member Rates
· * * * * Tow Daylight Hours (0800-2000) =$175/hour
· * * * * Tow Night Hours (2000-0800) =$200/hour
· * * * * Tow Foul Weather (rain, sleet, snow, wind, etc.) =$250/hour
· * * * * All other services are based on these hourly rates
· * * * * Groundings =$20 per foot plus hourly rates

Average tow for non-members is around $600!!!

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According to the poll I posted there are 1.9% Boat US members, 3.8% Sea Tow, 7.6% other, 7.6% buddy system, 9.6% with insurance rider, & 69.2% with NO PLAN!


Boat US= There are no Boat US vessels in the Central Texas region so they contract with Sea Tow to do their towing. They have several different confusing membership levels of which some only cover a limited amount of the towing fees. CHECK WHAT YOUR COVERAGE IS!

Other= Assuming this may be an independent. Independents are fine, and probably a little cheaper, but is saving $20 a year worth it? Independents are not regulated by any authority. They are not required to carry insurance to protect your boat or family. Their operators are not licensed, so they are technically towing illegally. Independents can close tomorrow after taking your money & there is limited action you can take.

Buddy System= the buddy system is great when it is available. Compare the buddy system to the annual Sea Tow membership cost of $119 or $149. How much time and money does it cost to call a friend, have them trailer their boat, launch the boat, spend gas and time to get to you, put wear & tear on their boat while towing you, and then for them to return back home. Plus if something should happen while in tow your friends insurance will not cover either boat. For around $12 a month to join Sea Tow, is it worth it?

Insurance Rider= Towing riders are good, just check your deductible.

No Plan= It's a boat and it's not IF, BUT WHEN it breaks down or something goes wrong. No boat is immune to mechanical or mental errors. The cost of non-member tows can range from $300 to a couple thousand dollars! You do not want to be stranded in the cold, heat, sun, night, rain, etc. or have your family stranded with you.

SEA TOW= We are USCG licensed with towing endorsements, we have a large insurance policy to protect your family and your investment, we are drug tested, and world wide. Being a national franchise we are held accountable for everything we do! We can not close tomorrow after taking your money. Sea Tow prides itself on PROFESSIONAL service!

Members receive FREE unlimited towing, FREE jump starts, FREE fuel drops, FREE dock to dock tows, FREE prop disentanglements, FREE anchor assist, FREE soft groundings, & more. 100% coverage! We offer Trailer Care for an additional $10 a year which covers your trailer and towing vehicle. Our members get the Advantage Network of local and national savings on FUEL, FOOD, SERVICES, EVENTS, and PRODUCTS! Visit for more services and programs offered.


ABF members will receive the following rate discounts for memberships.

Lake Card- Reg. $119/year, NOW $94/year
One specific lake.
All the same benefits!

Gold Card- Reg. $169/year, NOW $135/year
National coverage
All the same benefits!

Membership must be in good standing with ABF administration and actively involved in the forum!!

Contact me by PM, email, phone (512-328-4869).
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