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I fished Choke for the first time, arriving Tues. mid-morning, and staying at the shelters at Callilam. Heavy winds and white caps all day Tues. & Wed., water temp 74.
Due to the winds, and not knowing the lake at all, most of our fishing was done along the shores of the park. We had a steady, reliable bite each day, on the outside edges of the hydrilla, throwing a variety of colors of weightless 5" Senkos.
The best area seemed to be the shore where the shelters are located, with the grass growing in 5-7FOW.
We left,Thursday noon, but caught 12-15 Thursday morning in that stretch, with the largest around 5, most being 2-3.
The catfish bite was decent off the bank by our shelter,(#14), after dark, on chicken livers and punch bait.
Good times overall, but if you go, and come back during a weekday, I suggest heading back by 11am. Traffic sucked once we reached Austin, just before 4pm
Didn't spot any gators, darnit.
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