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I am looking to trade what I have to Revo's. Let me know what works. All reels/rod work no damage, have been used, looking to weed out my stuff for a few reels. I will ship, just need to work out. Here is a list of what I have:<p>
1. Pinnacle PLS-100 Limited Edition 8 bearing 6.3:1 on a 7'0" Shimano Scimitar Graphite Med/Fast SMC-70M<p>
2. Pinnacle ISP10 Inertia Finesse 9 bearing 6.2:1 on a 6'6" Berlkey Lighting Rod Graphite Med/Heavy<p>
3. H2O Xpress Mettle 10 bearing 6.3:1 on a 7'0" H2O Xpress Graphite Med<p>
4. Abu Garcia Ambassadeur Black Max 5500 6.2:1 on a 6'6" Abu Garcia Harlod Ensley Signature Graphite Med/Heavy<p>
5. H2O Xpress Method 10 bearing 6.3:1 on 6'6" All Star ACL-WRI Graphite Classic Series<p>
6. Pfluger Echelon 5 bearing 6.3:1 on a 6'6" Quantum Torsion Graphite IMG Med<p>
7. H2O Xpress Method 100 bearing 6.3:1 on a 7'0" All Star Graphite Classic Shrimp Tail Special<p>
8. Pinnacle PLS 100 Limited Edition 6.3:1 8 bearing on a 7'0" Shimano Scimitar Graphite Med/Fast<p>
All rods DO NOT include lures shown, but come with line, most have P-Line 4.0 12lbs test. I am looking to trade for Revo's and Falcon Low Riders or Carrot Sticks. Let me know what we can do. Call anytime Chris 512-924-3369<p>

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