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Here are a few used but clean and good condition rods for sale.  As those who have fished with me will agree, I carry too many rods on board and need to get rid of a few.  These haven't been used much.  Cork is clean.

BPS Extreme HM54 Graphite - model EXT60MT- 6' Med action 1/4-5/8 oz lures, 8-17lb line.  I used for light and medium crankbaits.

BPS Extreme Woo Daves Crankbait - model ETX70MT 7' Medium action 1/4-5/8 oz lures, 8-17lb line.  I used for medium and deep diving crankbaits.

American Rodsmiths Genesis - ARS-WJ66 Titanium series.  6'6", 1/4-3/4 oz lures, 10-17lb line.  Very light rod, I used fishing TR plastics.

May also be putting a few allstars for sale soon.

Asking $35 each.  All 3 for $100.

Located in NW Austin near 183 and Spicewood Springs Rd.

Happy New Year to all on the board.

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