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Remington 1100

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I have a 1960's era Remington 1100 for sale, has the original finish and ivory trim on the stock, barrel has a built on adjustable choke. Gun shoots good and is good condition. Don't know what it is worth make me an offer. I need a new prop for the BassCat.

Also have a Nautalus(sp) treadmill about 3 to 4 years old, has all the works but the belt may need some adjustments, or maybe a lighter guy walking on it. $100.
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Just to confirm this is a 12 guage correct? Does this have the walnut stock? Did the adjustble choke come on the gun or added later? What barrel length?
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Sorry Guys, this is a 12 gauge, Walnut stock. I don't have the history about the choke but I am assuming that the choke was added since it was a popular feature in the early 60's. The length of the barrel is, and I am guessing, 26". I can be reached on cell at 507-2520 or office at 512-258-2000X205.
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