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Really nice, quiet and powerful bow. I can't use it because I have a shoulder injury that keeps me from pulling so I won't be bow hunting any time soon. This has lots of great features and is in great condition. Look it up, you'll see it's a great bow!

Weight 50-60
Draw 27-30
String 56
Slam & 1/2 Cam
True Glo Sight
Whisker Biscuit

Reflex's Grizzly features the revolutionary Cam-and-1/2 system. The symmetrical top and bottom cams work together to deliver completely level nock travel and perfect bow symmetry. This design also eliminates maintenance and timing issues, generates extreme speeds while remaining whisper-quiet and has a solid-wall feel for shot-to-shot consistency. Cams are mounted on sealed stainless steel ball bearings for reliable operation in any weather without lubrication. The truss riser is exceptionally strong, stable and lightweight, and locks in the tough 3/4" split limbs for virtually vibration-free performance.

Call or text Bryan 512-seven three one- 44 hundred

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Reflex Grizzly - Compound Bow with Hard Case

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