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It was warmer and a slight drizzle. Water was VERY clear, not sure of the water temp. Launched at 7am. I didnt fish the dam because they werent releasing so i started pounding the banks with plastic worms, but no bites. Went off the island point and cranked a few dinks and watched a yakker slay the white bass. I made my way to the more protected, shallow waters on the back side of the island. I threw a frog at layed down timber not really expecting any bites but got hammered on my second cast. She was a fat 5.12 lb female! I pull out my phone to snap a pic and its at 5% and would not allow me to use my camera! i guess i should have charged my phone last night...

After i released the chunk i continued around the back of the island and saw 7 females on beds with males with them. i tried for some reaction bites and even hit them on the head with senkos but they didnt even flinch. Off the water at noon

3/8 i fished festival gardens from 3pm - 6pm fighting wind the entire time, i was very frustrated on my crappy little yak. After about 2 hrs of not even a tick, i finally hooked up. rod bent and drag peeled briefly, boy was i excited! I landed my first striper in lady bird! i didnt have my scale but i would guess around 3 lbs. headed back to where i launched pounding the banks to no avail. I did speak to a guy in a boat who said he pulled a 6+ lber off a bed and put her back, he pointed me in the direction of fish on beds but i never saw them or the beds.

Tight lines!
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