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Quick 2hr after-work Decker Session...

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Made the decision to go at around 4:15, on the water by 5PM. The afternoon started slow with not much happening on the windward side. I moved into a cove and, at around 5:38... or so.... I was treated to 12minutes of nice action! I caught & release 5 slot bass, in almost the same spot. And then the bite just seemed to die down.

All fish were between 16-20". All were caught on Chartreuse-tipped Black imitation Senkos, which they proceeded to rip the hell out of. I tried making the same drift again, but it didn't produce. Then I headed back, to do some of the work stuff, I should have been doing while fishing.

Back at Decker in the AM. BTW, I saw lots of large fish, suspended at 2', in 20' of water. Hmmmm? Bringing drop-shots, tomorrow.
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Very nice report Mike. Decker can be a whole lot of fun to fish. Sounds like you had a great short trip ;)

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