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Power pole

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I have a pro 8 black model with mounting bracket for sale $ 1500
brand new in the box
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Yes this was my prize and we fish out of a Bass Tracker so it doesn't quite go
no remotes
Wish I had the money. I'd put one on my Bass Tracker in a heart beat!
will an 8'er fit on a tracker, or would a 6'er be better?
the guy that donated it said they would be perfect for a tracker and the 8 footer would just work deeper he was trying to convince me to put it on ours
Man I'd love to have this on my boat. I had to choose earlier this yr between a power pole and a side imaging. Went with the SI, maybe I can con the wife for my birthday!
The SI was probably more expensive but the way I would have gone also
My fishin' partner had his birthday and I asked him if he got anything special. He said "I got a sweater for my birthday... I wanted a screamer or a moaner, but I got a sweater." ;D
4A5F535F594A48404E592B0 said:
Why not?  :cool:
I just thought it might be to tall but I guess not. I've never had on and don't know anything about them and was just wondering
it is about the height of the light
yes i do do you know anyone that would be interested
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