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15 minutes ago. They have a set of the crappy Berkley scales that reads 12.5 lbs. Those scales are notorious for weighing light. I will keep you posted and of course pics to come.

David Campbell is in Austin now and says he will pick it up if they can get a certified weight over 13 lbs. Keeping my fingers crossed!!

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They are searching for certified scales.  Fish is in great shape.

BTW, the fish was caught by TJ Nissen's (fishndude's) son, Kyle!!

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Well, the result is in. Officially weighed at 12.16 lbs. DARN!!! After taking measurements it was released back into the lake!!

Pics coming!!!

Congrats Kyle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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If the certified scale showed 12.16lbs with the .16 being in hudreths/lb  then the weight is 12lbs and 2.56 ounces.

I can understand Chris getting it wrong but Reagan, you're still in school :p :p.

Regardless, that is a heck of a fish!

Congrats Kyle!


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The scales they are using measure in 100th's of a pound, not in ounces. ;) Therefore, 12.16 lbs = 12 lbs. 2 ozs. approximately.

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No doubt Airfob!

We saw Tj and Kyle out there and said hello, they were wondering why I was filming Fob trying to reel in a fish for about 10 mins ;D Turned out to be a 19 lbs Carp. That was fun!

Saw kyle catch one from about 500 yards out, looked to be a 4lbs or so, hard to say.

That young man is bad to the bone.

12.3,4,5 whatever he is the MAN!

Congrats !!!

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