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Event 4 of the year is here for the Performance Kayak Fishing tournament series! It's been a fun year, and there's still 2 more events to go!

When: August 9, 2008.
Where: Lady Bird Lake. Launch from Fiesta Gardens
Time: 5:30AM-10:30AM.
Rules: This is a kayak only tournament. Measuring the top 5 longest bass, and this is a TEAM event. Longest 5 fish combined between the 2 anglers. Fish must be 14" minimum. All fish will be scored by a photograph, in a Catch, Photograph, Release fashion. A codeword will be handed out at the ramp, and it MUST be included in the picture, or it will not be scored.

Come join us, it'll be a lot of fun! Just 1 more event after this one, then thats it for the summer series!

Make sure to keep update on AKF. http://www.austinkayakfishing. Check here for more events.

Go to Forum, then Events to see the PKF event post.

NOTE: This tournament is not hosted by AustinKayakFishing. It's is hosted by a member called Tubejerker, MrTube on ABF, or Robert. He is in charge of the PerformanceKayakFishing events. Thanks.
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