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Pics Lake Austin today

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Nephew from Louisiana caught his 2 biggest Hawgs, was just happy to share the memory with him

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Good job, looks like the second fish ate the first fish!
First one was 5.10, second was 8.14. The big un was the first bite of the day. Was tough out there! Dodging the kayakers!
All fish released to catch another day......
Just to add injury to insult to the glass man which is my uncle i came from Louisiana to catch that hog that was 8.14 ibs.
Did the depthfinder fall off at some point during the day?
No.... I brought the portable depth finder
I noticed a lot of blood on the 2nd larger fish. Did it make it?
Jack, not certain but it looks like she was full of eggs. Going by the enormous belly and the red colored fins, generally good indicators. Seems a little early, but I'm sure she wasn't on a bed yet.
nice pics i ant caught a big bass like that in a long time bigest has been around 5 pounds :(

Send me a PM if you want to be on the Hawg Board.
(See the hawg board posting in the misc. section for more info)
congrats my best has only been around 5 lbs
jjam said:
congrats my best has only been around 5 lbs

me too we should put our together and try to get our pics with the rest of the guys with thes 10s lol
Congratulations to everyone catching these fish and sharing it with the rest of us.

Man ya’ll have no clue what these pics are doing to me as I sit here at my PC with my left arm in a sling. It’s driving me nuts that I can not participate in this awesome bass catching action.
Fish, Not only that, My nephew caught the big fish and I didn"t! But in the long run it is all about loving to fish and being the best sportsman and passing along love of the sport to younger generation.
Some history to this story...I am a Twin, My Brother(Nephew's
Dad) was killed in an oil field accident when his wife was pregnant with him. We have reconnected after a long absence and discovered a true kinship with one another. We both love to fish, as did my brother. He and his wife come to visit and He and I spend time on the area lakes fishing, catching up and building a bond like I have not experienced. That is what it is all about...
Very nice toads, congrats. That is a nice story about the two of you bonding.

Yep, 2 nice fish. Congrats on a good day on the water.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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