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Happy Veteran’s Day. Remember NAVY stands for Never Again Volunteer Yourself!

I launched at 3:00PM and started fishing the ramp pond weed. I took note of a yakker on the humps, I figured I head over there after he left. Then I noticed he was slowly pedaling toward me with “the lean”. Y’all know “the lean”: trying to make headway in a small craft while keeping a large fish held in the water.

He waved and I said, “You got a big’un?”

He asked, “Do you have a scale?”

I told him he could use it only if I could hold his fish for a picture. He handed me his phone and I video’d as he lifted the fish from the water. While he weighed the fish, I interviewed him for his video, asking him how it felt to catch the fish of a lifetime. I also video’d his answers to all the what, where, when, why, and how questions to which he gave great answers. He took great care of the fish, repeatedly returning her to the water while we documented with camera, scale and ruler. I asked if he wanted the name the fish, because I know someone that does that. He didn’t have a name ready, but he can always name her after the fact. I video’d the release, then he gave his email address and phone number to send all the data that I had on my phone.

We said good-bye and I fished along the outside edge. I won’t bother you with all the details except to say that I got a three hour skunk, not a single bite. Off at 6:00PM.
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