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While the druids went back to Stonehenge, I went back to Pflugerville. Yesterday, the wind was OK and I launched at 4:00pm. I made the rounds catching ten small largemouth. Most came on TR 10.5” worm, but I also caught fish with 3.3 paddletail, DS finesse worm and WW senko. Furthermore, I was able to overcome the swim worm blues from Monday and get a couple to the boat with the swim worm. But then around 6:00pm, a gusty outflow from a pop-up thunderhead to the east chased me off the lake.

Today I launched at 5:00pm. Not many anglers on the lake, just me. I fished along the dam but got no bites. I remembered a mainlake hump so I set a course. When the hump began to appear on the sonar, I cast out a shakeyhead trick worm. Surprisingly, I caught a bass in 20 FOW. I made some follow up casts, but nothing else bit so I moved on.

I got to a spiny naiad flat and started combing the grass with a Shad Rap. Surprisingly, I caught a bass in 12 FOW. I say surprisingly for the shakeyhead and the diver, because although I bring these rods with me, I don’t really expect to use them much.

I caught a fish on WW senko and then went on a string of Texas rig fish. The TR bite slowed and I switched to DS and got a couple more. The weather was fabulous. I love these warm summer afternoons, there was just enough breeze to blow some lake cooled air across me. The sun got closer to the horizon, but this is the second longest day of the year and I’m fishing until the sun goes down. The wind died completely. I put the other rods away and focused on senko. I pulled five out of a pond weed clump. I moved over to a ditch and cast into the middle of it. The senko got smoked by a better fish. In the open water of the ditch, I had the advantage and I quickly brought the hammer to hand. I weighed her: 4lb-2oz. I CPR’d the fish and trolled across to the mainlake point. It was perfect. The low light, the calm wind, the warm water. I snuck around to the inside and carpet bombed the pondweed with senko. I was catching a bass on nearly every cast until I called it on account of darkness. I caught over thirty bass. Off at 9:00pm.
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