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I didn’t bother with a weather forecast. I got home from work, loaded my tackle and headed to the lake to find some zen. I launched at 3:30PM into a calm, deserted lake. There were a few bathers at the swim beach and joggers on the trail, but the bass were all mine. I anchored on the outside edge and bombed out TR Ol’ Monster. I got that familiar bump and r’ared back.

It was good’un! I caught him out of the… well, you know, that noxious blight of invasive plant life, the preferred delicacy of grass carp, the bane of lakefront property owners, the unwanted obstacle of the triathlon…shhhh, don’t tell those biologist at the agency, they’ll come spray the whole darn lake again!

Right after I released the fish, the wind gusted up hard from the NE. I resolved to fish from anchor. I missed a senko bite and a couple of TR bites, but the gorgeous 3-14 made it all worthwhile. Off at 7:00PM.
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