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Last night my beautiful wife gave me the green light to purchase a new trolling motor. I went to BPS and bought a Minn Kota EnduraMax 50. I assembled the harness last night and planned for a sea trial. I was at the ramp an hour after leaving work. The recent rain has brought the lake up a smidge, but the channel leading from the ramp is choked with grass.

I shoved off from the pier around 3:30PM and twisted the variable speed tiller handle. I shot down the channel, chopping salad like a turbocharged Cuisinart. Where has this troller been my whole life? I fished my way down the swim beach. I checked the GPS and my speed is up to 3.3MPH!

The fishing was OK. On several occasions I would miss a strike on the TR worm, but would catch the fish on the follow-up cast. This happened three times. I also caught a couple of senko fish. The fish were all in the fun-fish category.

I saw a squall line to the east. I dialed up the KXAN Fake Radar. Hmmm, KXAN has tweaked the Fake Radar app to be truly deceptive. I looked up at the horizon and saw the hard edge of a twenty mile wide very dense squall line closing fast, yet on the phone the radar showed a little pop-up in Elgin drifting to the north. I could feel the outflow hitting the lake, but with my new troller, I had confidence that I could make it back even if the outflow velocity went to 25 knots. Then I heard thunder. I don’t think Minn Kota has come out with a troller that outruns a lightning bolt. Off at 5:30PM.
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