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No alarm necessary, at 4:30AM the weekend angler turns on the Mr. Coffee and loads up the pick-up. I didn’t feel like driving to Stillhouse or Bastrop to get skunked, I can do that right here in Pflugerville. Since its only a ten commute to the local drinking water reservoir, my expectations are minimal. I pulled through the park gate and saw an angler walking towards the ramp after parking his truck. So much for being first.

I bade him good morning as he settled into his yak. I asked him if he’d fished here recently. He told me he was in a kayak tournament here last weekend. I asked him how he did. He told me with a note of pride in his voice that he placed fourth, leading me to assume that it was a large field and making me glad I didn’t fish here last weekend. I hoped the fish had recovered from the tournament pressure. To escape the heat, we agreed that neither of us was going to fish much past ten o’clock.

The yakker fished the dam rip-rap while I rigged the Pond Prowler. By the time I launched he had moved to the swim beach en route to Copperhead Cove. Perfect, I made a direct bearing on the deserted main lake point.

The lake is a foot below full pool and the pumps are still running. Three types of aquatic grass are dominating. The wicked spiny naiad is overpowering the lake, with pondweed running second and the hydrilla staging an impressive comeback from the herbicide but still lagging way behind. The water clarity is a beautiful clear verdant green. Large carp and catfish were broaching. The surface water temperature is 83.5°F.

I had brought only half of my usual arsenal of tackle. No cranking or chatterbaiting today. I cast out a surface plug over the naiad as dawn broke. Fish were busting everywhere but I couldn’t get bit. I moved up shallow and cast senko into the pondweed but no takers. I drifted along the outside edge of the pond weed. I caught a small bass on a weightless fluke. As I drifted closer to shore, I tried the Chug Bug and still no strikes. I went to my bail out lure, the TR swim worm, and caught an energetic fun-fish out of the pondweed. As I swung the fun-fish aboard, he went berserk, violently flailing and snapping my line. I quickly retied and re-rigged the swim worm. I got a couple short strikes on the swim worm as I worked back into the wind to the main lake point.

These darn wily largemouth. I know they’re in the pondweed. I thought back some years to when Todd caught his PB largemouth. That fish fell for a TR ribbontail worm in inches of water on the inside edge of the pondweed at the mainlake point. I thought I’d better throw a ribbontail worm. I reached for a 3/16oz TR rod and cast out a 10” Mondo worm. My line started swimming. I heaved back and got a good bend in the rod, but I wasn’t sure of the hookset. I saw a big’un swim under the boat in the crystal clear water. I shouted and started carrying on and got the attention of a dozen people on the jog path. I grabbed up the fish and hoisted it to the cheers and claps from the shoreline. I asked one of them to take a pic for me.

Well that was some real serendipity. I released the big’un, cast back out and caught a fun-fish. I moved across to the south shoreline and got a couple cutie-pies on drop-shot finesse worm. I trolled over to ”Garbage Time” and got another TR ribbontail fish. The wind freshened up to about 15 from the SE. I let it blow me into the ramp. Off at 10:00AM.
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