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It felt good to be back on home waters. I pulled into the south shore parking lot around 4pm. While driving back into town yesterday, I saw on the inter web that a man shot his wife in this parking lot. What a jerk.

I launched the Disco Yak with socks and sneakers. The water level is up right to the grass “bulkhead.” I started right down the middle of the pond weed and could not get bit. I moved to the inside edge and I got a good strike on the senko, but the fish spit the worm on the first jump. I took this as a sign the fish were on the inside edge. I fished the inside edge for an hour without another bite.

I moved to the outside edge and got a short strike on TR 10.5” ribbon tail. OK, so they want the big worm. I fished the outside edge with the big worm for an hour and did not get another bite. I was starting to smell skunk. I was trying to tell myself the one that jumped off earlier counted, but c’mon, it doesn’t count unless its in the yak.

The wind shifted SE. There were six yaks on the lake now, all more or less on the south shoreline. Only the angler with the battery yak ventured north. I had paddled over to the mainlake point to make a couple casts, but then I was right back to the south shore. I paddled over to where I had that first bite, cast out and caught a cutie-pie. Hmmm. Are they really on the inside edge? I thought not, but at least I wasn’t skunked.

I let the wind blow me back out a ways and anchored on the outside edge. I caught a couple fish on senko. The fish had turned on. I slid down another ten yards or so and I’d found ‘em. I cast senko to the outside edge and caught seven fish.

Not a bad day at the mud hole. I caught ten fish and the best was a four-pounder (19.5”). I love my yak but I’m really wanting to fish from a boat and soon. Off at 7:30pm.
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