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Pflugerville 6/3/22

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I went out Friday afternoon because it seemed the wind had really laid down. I launched at 4:30pm and stuck close to the north shoreline. The wind was actually from the north. As the afternoon wore on the wind was variable, swinging first west and then coming around from the east. A lot of folks were enjoying the swim beach. I cranked and wormed but couldn’t get bit.

Like I did last time, I rigged up a swim worm and started getting bit. I left Copperhead Cove and drifted down the mainlake point. I found a school of fish on a shallow flat. I alternated between the swim worm, senko and drop-shot. I got 4 on the swim worm, 3 on senko and 2 with drop-shot. I also caught a red-ear with the drop-shot. Off at 7:00pm.
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is it legal to hook that perch as bait?
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