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I got on the water around 4:00pm and trolled across to the south shoreline. Very first cast I caught a small bass on DS roboworm from a fish attracter in 12 FOW. I moved up shallower and caught bass on TR ribbontail from the naiad. I went even shallower and caught bass on senko from inches of water.

Four men were swimming towards me. At first I felt that they needed to avoid my fishing area. Then I decided to give them a pass. They all seemed to be enjoying the swim. Their leader got within a cast length and stopped. He asked if they were good to pass. I said yes and waved them on.

I told him the water temp was 86° and they had a little bit of pondweed to swim through to get to shore. He told me they were practicing for this weekend’s Pflugerville Triathlon. Now I‘m really glad I was nice to them. I had no idea the Tri was this weekend. Good to know. I thanked him for the information.

I tolled over to the mainlake point and caught a bass on lipless and DS. I tried my swim-worm technique and just could not execute. I missed three good strikes. The fourth strike I thought I had him but he jumped off half way to the boat. Oh, well. I headed in. I caught eleven bass. Off at 8:30pm.
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