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I thought about going fishing yesterday. When I checked the forecast, I saw some relief from the wind was coming in 24 hours. The forecast temperature would be five degrees hotter but the wind would be five miles per hour slower. I’ll take that trade anytime. I decided to save my energy and wait for today.

I launched at 4:00pm. The wind was tolerable and the afternoon sun felt good. I love these spring afternoons. I trolled over to the saddleback at the mouth of Copperhead Cove. I dropped the anchor on the outside edge and fished 10 FOW for a half hour. Nada. I repositioned in 8 FOW and fished another thirty minutes without a bite. As usual, I was crankin’ and wormin’, fancasting at the grass clumps.

I made revolutions over to the main lake point. The only other angler on the lake was fishing the pondweed, working from south to north. I was moving north to south. We were both fishing methodically and hauling water. He took his yak inside continuing north and we passed each other as I continued south along the outside. I’d been on the lake for two hours without a bite. The yakker abandoned the pondweed and moved to the rock-pile. I dropped anchor in 10 FOW and started drop-shotting. I got a bite on the DS, but the small bass came off half way to the boat.

The yakker was standing up fishing and asked if I had a graph. I replied affirmative. He asked if I had fished the spot where he was fishing. I told him I’d snagged too many times to want to fish there. Then he r’ared back, swinging hard. Right at full send, he snagged and his line snapped. Off balance, his arms flailed as he lost his equilibrium. the rod describing a giant circle. Then he bailed out, kicking straight up and executing an acrobatic half-gainer into the lake. He swam around to the bow and climbed back aboard, rod still in hand.

I wasn’t ready for a skunk. It was time for an STD lure. No, not that STD. I mean a Save The Day lure. Last three times here, it was the swim worm that coaxed the bite and saved the day. I rigged up the swim worm and fired it across the point. I was slow-rolling it back and I got a good strike. I started showing out for the yakker, hollerin’ all the usual stuff over and over like, “OH MY GOD!” and “PLEASE DON’T JUMP!” and “GET IN THE BOAT!”

Man, I was stoked! Two hours of patiently fishing without a fish in the boat and at last a BIG’UN! I reeled the hammer alongside and lipped her cleanly. I hoisted the bucketmouth and whooped. The yakker whooped back in acknowledgement. I got her weighed, 5-pounds 10-ounces. Yeah, buddy!

I cast back out along the same azimuth and caught a buck bass. I told the yakker that he could have my spot because I was all good and headed to the ramp. It’s taco night at my house. Off at 6:30PM.
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