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Set out with high hopes at 4:00pm. I had retied everything last night in preparation for the long weekend. I caught one at the ramp pond weed, got another at the spillway, both on TR swim worm. I got over to the south shore and caught one on TR Ol’ Monster. I started drop-shotting but I kept looking north at gathering clouds. I was telling myself to get closer to the ramp but the fish were telling me to stay. Flight instinct dominated and I yanked the anchor up. I twisted the troller to max and then all hell broke loose. Like a switch the wind went from [email protected] mph to [email protected] mph. I got a little anxious, just a taste of the minutes turning to hours:

I wasn’t going to make it to the ramp so I looked for a safe beach. I dragged the Pond Prowler up on the lawn. I looked and saw the yakkers were able to get to the ramp. I called my wife and she gave me a ride to get my truck. The cast net to the right of my boat is not mine. I retrieved it off the dam rip rap and put it in the trash. Remember, Lake Pflugerville is pole and line only. Off at 6pm.
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