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Pflugerville 5/10/23

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Yesterday I had a little too much fun at the C&R Pond. Normally I’ll stand and stretch a couple times while fishing but yesterday the bites were so frequent I never bothered. The disco yak is not a stand up yak so standing is a challenge but doable especially as calm as it was yesterday. When I took out I could barely move, my back had locked solid. I crab walked as I dollied the yak up to the truck.

Today my back spasmed as I loaded batts into the F-150. My wife doesn’t believe me, but the best cure for a sore back is to go fishing. I launched around 4:00PM. I was followed on to the lake by three yakkers in quick succession. I wanted to take it easy so I drifted over to the main lake humps and anchored up. I got a couple of shakeyhead fish in the boat. A yakker came over and as we chatted I felt a nibble on the shakeyhead. I was a ways out, so I reeled down and went full send, briefly doubling my rod before straightening the hook on the what was probably the best fish of the day, doh!

The yakker moved on to complete his sea trials but I stayed put and tried to recreate the strike I just missed. A local came by in an inflatable yak with his two daughters. I’ve seen him several times before. He‘s a good dad taking his young daughters to the swim beach. As I was waving at the girls I had a massive pull on the line. I r’ared back and the fish swam under the boat and pulled off. Now my head is hurting worse than my back.

l switched to Texas rig straight tail. I fished patiently and was rewarded with some good bites. It was nice afternoon to spend out on the lake. My strategy of staying in one spot paid off with a total of seven fish in the boat. Off at 7:30AM.
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