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I’m broke after paying property taxes, so I decided to save the gas money and launch fees and fish the local mud-hole. A faint hint of dawn was showing on the horizon as I launched first from a deserted pavilion. While I was shoving off, a full bass boat rig bottlenecked the ramp as the kayak dawn patrol arrived allowing me a nice head start. I made turns for the main lake point and started fishing. I had my normal 5-layers on (one layer short of a Super Bowl bean dip), but I could still feel the chill as the frost melted off the hull.

I was throwing Texas rig and my hands were stiffening in the cold. I put on my not great “weatherproof” gloves. The gloves were partially insulating me from the cold, but they were fully insulating me from detecting a bite on the worm. I put the worm rod down and grabbed up chatterbait rod. I rounded the corner of the point, and cast chatterbait down the edge. On my third cast the chatterbait got smoked. That’s awesome, winter fishing with gloves on!

I released the fish, cast out and boated another one. Now I’m stoked! I drifted down the edge catching five more cookie-cutter fun-fish on the chatterbait. I came to the end of the edge, where it gets real shallow. I thought about reworking the same edge, but I opted for new water and went across the cove to the opposite shoreline. I looked back and I could see the yakkers were catching up, fixing to round the point. When the first yakker got to the edge, I heard him, “whoo hoo! whoooo hooooo!”

I couldn’t bear to look, since this happened to me recently, seeing a yakker catch a giant here last month. I guess his buddies were socially networked, because they all paddled over to admire his catch. The four yaks gathered tight. I turned away and refocused my efforts. The wind started from the SE, so I anchored on a drop off and started getting bit on TR and DS. The yaks were making the loop. As they approached, I asked, “How big was that fish?”

”It was a catfish” they told me and moved on. I don’t know why that made me feel better. I guess its because winter is nearly over and I haven’t caught a giant this season, and this is the season to do it. I try to work these spots thoroughly, getting out first and catching all the aggressive fish. Am I too greedy, too jealous?

The angler that caught the cat paddled up. I asked him about the fish. He told me he thought he had a giant bass at first. He weighed it: a huge 26 pound blue that ate his swimbait! Holy cow!

I bounced around as the sea-breeze picked up. Kites started going up around the lake. I‘d get one cutie-pie drop shot fish or zero at each stop. Caught my last one at 12:30pm. Off at 1:00pm.
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