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I really wanted to fish from the Pond Prowler, but the disco yak was the simpler option. I strapped the ’yak to the hoopty and off to the lake I went. I went by the closed ramp and the sign still says completion date January 21. There was a two-man already on the lake, I was jealous for sure. I rolled the disco yak down from Pflugerville Parkway and shore launched.

I worked the south shoreline for thirty minutes without a bite. The two-man trolled to the dam. I went north to Copperhead Cove. I fished the western rip-rap and some of the pondweed with senko and TR. I was looking for bass and seeing everything else. Coots, cormorants, turtles, minnows, carp, pondweed, hydrilla, the lake life looks healthy. But where are the bass?

I have no electronics. No down imaging, no depth finder, no GPS, nada. But I have fished here before. I’m going to where the cove drain channel empties into the main lake. I set the grapnel anchor and the NW wind aimed me straight down the inundate channel. I cast out a drop-shot into what I was guessing was 17 FOW. I shook the rod tip and was struck. I reel set and got a nice bend in the St. Croix. The drag was set perfect, clicking along as I gained line back from a stubborn fish. Ah, that’s more like it: a four pound bass.

From that same anchor, I caught three more smaller bass and missed a couple. The sun was sinking and I paddled back across. I stopped to fish near the shore and added another drop shot fish for a total of five fish caught. Off at 5:30pm.
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