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I’m always working for the weekend, because I’m a Weekend Angler. To get chores out of the way, yesterday I took the hoopty for the state inspection. Luckily for me, the State of Texas allows hoopty trucks to drive on the highway. Unluckily for me, the state inspector was the last person to successfully start the hoopty. He left the truck running for me to pull out of his inspection bay. I drove it home, loaded the Pond Prowler and batts, and readied all my tackle.

This morning I checked the Fake Radar: all clear. I told the wife I was going to Lady Bird. I turned the key and the starter wailed away but no combustion. The rear fuel pump has no pressure. I tried the low pressure front fuel pump and it started but I only made it to the end of my street and had to limp it back to the driveway. Hoopty lived up to its name this morning.

I strapped the disco kayak to the top of the wife’s minivan. I thought about taking it to Lady Bird, but decided to stay closer to home and hit up Pflugie. I pulled the yak off the minivan in the lake parking lot and realized I’d left my paddle at the house. I’m glad I hadn’t driven all the way downtown to the Bird. I put the yak back on top and went home for the paddle. I think the wife was a little perplexed when I gave her a third kiss goodbye and headed back to the lake. I pulled the yak off the minivan and grabbed the yak dolly. The dolly’s pneumatic tires were flat. Then it started raining…

But it pretty much quit raining as I shoved off around 8:30. Don’t fret, I was still first and would be the only watercraft on the lake. I was layered up good and had my rain suit on. I fished the southern shoreline and didn’t get a bite. Copperhead Cove, here I come. I anchored on the deep side of the humps and drop shot for effect. My first fishing trip of the new year and the only thing that went right was the weather. My gloveless hands never got cold. I caught five on drop shot, one on senko and one on rage swimmer. Off at 1:30 pm.
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