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I've been fishing Pfork 4 to 5 days a week for the entire month of January. The weather has been really mild and water temps have ranged from 54° to 58°. The hydrilla is still really stout at the drop-offs and has choked out the traditional channels. Calm days are the worst because you can't cast without landing on floating hydrilla. No worries, 'cuz they're still biting in the pondweed.

The fish seem to be running in "wolfpacks" and if you're lucky you can get 'em fired up into a brief flurry. Pattern lures for me have included three-treble jerkbaits, medium-diving flatsides, and of course, lipless. When I get tired of searching for them, I'll drop anchor and throw TR and DS on the inside and outside edges. Still, you're best bet is ripping hydrilla with a Rat-L-Trap.

I've been dropping by Decker to check on the lake level. The pic is from Friday 1/24 after Thursday's rains. You can see the level hasn't come up much. Need the city to start pumping water in. Twenty trailers in the parking lot, so recovering must not be an issue.
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