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I got to the mud-hole around 3:00PM. I use the term mud-hole as an endearment, Pflugie will always be my home mud-hole, er, lake.

No holiday today, the lake was deserted. I launched and made my heading south along the lee of the dam. Years ago, Nathan had told me of a tree near the dam, so I paused and studied the graph. I located a nice “stalk” and anchored upwind of it. First cast and I caught very pale fish.

i could not get another bite, so I moved over to the artificial tree where I caught one yesterday. I anchored and made several casts for naught. I moved over to the grass transition where I’d caught one yesterday. It was like deja vu, I had a short fish grab the TR junior beaver and set the hook on himself. I fished that spot for a while, throwing spinnerbait, jerkbait, TR various plastics and DS hit worm hauling water.

I drifted back uplake, “easter egging” for a bite. I gave up on that tactic pretty quick and made a heading for “The Corner.” The wind blowing over the 58° water gave me a chill and I put on my coat. Sure enough, the fish were there, and I caught two on DS before the sun set. Off at 6:00PM.
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