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After work I headed for the local mud hole. Lots of anglers must of gotten MLK holiday. There were an abundance of watercraft, at least a dozen were fishing. I launched at 3:00PM and looked for some vacant shoreline.

I started at a five feet tall fish attractor that has been precisely placed on the outside edge adjacent to a 45° drop off in 14 FOW. Second cast with DS and I caught a very short fish. I couldn’t get another bite so I moved over to a flat where pond grass transitions to naiad. A fun fish grabbed the TR french fry and set the hook on himself. I fished there for a half hour, but could not get bit.

I decided to deploy the front troller and make the rounds. I tried outside edges, stumps and a channel swing. I moved over to the main lake point and worked the 8’ contour line. The afternoon had started with two quick bites but now the fish were silent.

All the other water craft took it to the ramp so I had the lake to myself. I thought I’d try some deeper drop-offs so I made turns for a spot I call “The Corner”. This spot has no visible corner and is pretty much in the middle of the lake. I caught three nice fish with DS on five bites as the sun touched the horizon. Off at 6:30PM.
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