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1st cast at 5:24am. north side. walking the bank. practicing casting. caught some grass. pretty sunrise. at 7:15 i had my first and only blast. split shortly thereafter and went to discount tire for, you guessed it, new tires! then to bass pro cuz i got a birthday coupon (spend $40, get $10 off). got a bunch more spinner trebles, and a yo zuri like the yo zuri i already have. it looked like a green top and was flashing green, but it's a black top. gonna find some nail polish that has green sparkles in it.

was this morning a waste of time? nah...pretty sunrise. pretty joggers. out in nature. casting practice. free to fart cuz hardly anybody's out there. large coffee. no potlickers.
getting ready for the trip!

oh yeah. yesterday a guy was power walking, when he spotted something in the water. he yells to me there's a snake in the water heading in my direction...heh heh...
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